America is literally being transformed

Through Refugee Resettlement


8 USC §1522. Authorization for programs for domestic resettlement of and assistance to refugees

(a) Conditions and considerations

(1)(A) In providing assistance under this section, the Director shall, to the extent of available appropriations, (i) make available sufficient resources for employment training and placement in order to achieve economic self-sufficiency among refugees as quickly as possible, (ii) provide refugees with the opportunity to acquire sufficient English language training to enable them to become effectively resettled as quickly as possible, (iii) insure that cash assistance is made available to refugees in such a manner as not to discourage their economic self-sufficiency, in accordance with subsection (e)(2), and (iv) insure that women have the same opportunities as men to participate in training and instruction.

(B) It is the intent of Congress that in providing refugee assistance under this section-

(i) employable refugees should be placed on jobs as soon as possible after their arrival in the United States;

(ii) social service funds should be focused on employment-related services, English-as-a-second-language training (in nonwork hours where possible), and case-management services; and

(iii) local voluntary agency activities should be conducted in close cooperation and advance consultation with State and local governments.

(2)(A) The Director and the Federal agency administering subsection (b)(1) shall consult regularly (not less often than quarterly) with State and local governments and private nonprofit voluntary agencies concerning the sponsorship process and the intended distribution of refugees among the States and localities before their placement in those States and localities.

(B) The Director shall develop and implement, in consultation with representatives of voluntary agencies and State and local governments, policies and strategies for the placement and resettlement of refugees within the United States.

(C) Such policies and strategies, to the extent practicable and except under such unusual circumstances as the Director may recognize, shall-

(i) insure that a refugee is not initially placed or resettled in an area highly impacted (as determined under regulations prescribed by the Director after consultation with such agencies and governments) by the presence of refugees or comparable populations unless the refugee has a spouse, parent, sibling, son, or daughter residing in that area,

(ii) provide for a mechanism whereby representatives of local affiliates of voluntary agencies regularly (not less often than quarterly) meet with representatives of State and local governments to plan and coordinate in advance of their arrival the appropriate placement of refugees among the various States and localities, and

(iii) take into account-

(I) the proportion of refugees and comparable entrants in the population in the area,

(II) the availability of employment opportunities, affordable housing, and public and private resources (including educational, health care, and mental health services) for refugees in the area,

(III) the likelihood of refugees placed in the area becoming self-sufficient and free from long-term dependence on public assistance, and

(IV) the secondary migration of refugees to and from the area that is likely to occur.

Refugee Resettlement 

Refugee resettlement must be terminated until the Refugee Act of 1980 is reformed.   

State and local control must be restored, in part, by ending the use of nongovernmental organizations, de facto bureaucracies which funnel millions in tax dollars, implementing left wing national and international policies while circumventing congressional oversite and public data laws. 

Secondly, resettlement costs must be cut.  In 2016 alone $867 billion was spent on welfare and $71 million was spent on education, mostly paid by state and local governments.  

Remittances and Fraud 

February 2016, MPR reported, “Minnesota lawmakers have long sought a plan to allow money transfers to continue after banks in the U.S. stopped handling them.” –because the money could not be kept from corrupt Somali terrorist groups including Al-Shabaab.  

Tom Emmer partnered with DNC co-chair Keith Ellison to bring back Somali-American remittances with a new pilot program. 

It’s estimated $1.4 billion in remittances is transferred to Somalia annually—much of which originates as taxpayer funded public assistance.  Minnesota, having the largest Somali community in the country, a community heavily dependent on government assistance, largely bears the remittance burden. 

Whether through government programs, or fraud as we have recently become aware, suitcases of cash leaving Minnesota negatively impacts our state’s economy.   

Foreign Aid 

Emmer joined forces with Sen. Amy Klobuchar to fight President Trump’s proposal to cut 31 percent in foreign aid. 

The U.S. provides aid to 96 percent of all countries.  FY 2019, $27.7 billion is planned for foreign assistance, despite the CBO forecast, “the return of $1 trillion-plus annual deficits and a ballooning public debt that will approach $29 trillion by the end of the next decade.” 

We are literally committing economic suicide. 

not just socialist-democrats


Chairman of the D.C. based private organization, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), Minnesota Congressman Tom Emmer (R) boasts he voted against the gargantuan omnibus spending bill but, what he fails to explain is that he could have voted with 25 other Republicans, against H.R. 796, to keep the bill from being brought to the House floor where he knew it would pass with the help from Democrats. Only a few more Republicans joining the 25 would have killed the bill in committee. Emmer did not join them. He was for it before he was against it—when it didn’t matter. 

Emmer has not supported the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act; the Resettlement Accountability National Security Act; nor the Border Wall Funding Act

Growing national debt, un-vetted non-assimilating refugees, illegal immigration, federal and state laws ignored—America is slowly being transformed as politicians and the deep state destroy the Constitution.