AJ joined the U.S. Army Reserves and attended Fort Huachuca for Intelligence Analyst.  After military school, AJ attended Montana State University.  After graduating with a Political Science degree, emphasis in Public Administration, AJ attended the University of Wyoming where she received a Master's degree in Land Use Planning.  

AJ worked as a county planner and later for American Tower as a zoning specialist.

After serving one term as a Benton County Planning Commissioner, AJ began writing on education, eventually writing for the St Cloud Times Writer's Group as a conservative writer. 

Observing the impact of refugee resettlement in communities without a voice and objecting to the voting record of career politicians elected as Republican's yet, voting as Democrats, AJ decided to challenge the U.S. Representative of Minnesota's 6th Congressional District.  

AJ lived in Iran as a teenager and rejects other cultures bringing a misogynist and anti-Christ ideology-governance system to our country.  The United States was founded on Judeo-Christian values and will not prosper by changing those values.