Opportunity serves future better than fairness efforts: February 28, 2015

AJ has a story that would rarely be expected to lead to an active role as a constitutional conservative in the republican party. AJ started life born to young inexperienced teenage parents with few resources and fewer skills. There were many places called home as a child, including living in a tent working alongside seasonal immigrants picking strawberries in Oregon and experiencing a middle eastern culture first hand. But rather than a life looking for handouts and free stuff, AJ had an internal drive leading her to this firsthand understanding.

The odds were not in my favor…..Nevertheless, I did have one critical circumstance on my side. I was born in America.

In contrast to the “occupy ” mentality demanding government interference in efforts to create equal outcomes, AJ served her country and knows firsthand;

Under the constitutional framework of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, I had the same opportunity as any other American to achieve and, just as importantly, the incentive to achieve with the promise to retain what I had worked so hard for.

And that is what brings AJ to this point in her life of determination seeking the Republican Party Endorsement for the Sixth Congressional District of Minnesota.

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